The Device

Combined with special headphones, Solisten® provides pre-programmed, selected and processed music to stimulate the auditory processing system.

This stimulation enables a precise integration of acoustic information and allows the brain to better receive, select and process this information.

As the full Solisten program runs over a 2-3 month period, intricate evolutions and patterns are established between ear, brain and body, assisting with communication, awareness and personal development.

The Device

Based on Tomatis technology and knowledge, Solisten reproduces important features which make this device unique:

  • Channels and a Gating system
  • Air and Bone Conductions (still image of bone conduction)
  • Delay and Precession
  • Proprietary pre-processed music
  • Filtered music

The difference of Solisten from all other listening programs is in providing channels, an electronic gating system and delays

The channels, gating system and delays allow the inner muscles to unconsciously contract and relax - as any muscles should do. This stimulation system has made the reputation of Dr. Tomatis and helped millions of people  achieve great results.

Because Solisten is not an I-POD or an MP3 player, it is able to provide full frequency spectrum without any compression and it allows a very high-level performance.

The Tomatis Effect Povided By Solisten
Effect Electronic gating system Bone conduction with delay
Explanation Electronic gating system balances timber and intensity music on two different acoustic channels which unconsciously creates a reflex of tension and relaxation in the middle ear muscles. The bone conduction on the headphones sends the information – the sound – to the brain before the ear has been able to receive it. It allows the brain to anticipate the sound and to better analyze it. After the sessions, the brain is able to replicate this analysis without delay.
SOLISTEN yes yes
Classic listening program Cross Cross